On the 24th/25th June there is an anniversary program at the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich (see website).

5.7.20:00 Sto-delat?"From institutional Dadaism and commercial club culture - what comes after the big cannibalization?". A conversation with Mark Divo and Anna Schulthess moderated by Thomas Haemmerli, 10:15 p.m. disco with E.K.R and DJ Malik

6.7. 20.00- 22:15 Where the hell is Beja and why you should remember this place!A talk with the curator of the Giacometti Fesival in Ferreira do Alentjo, Helena Inverno (PT) and Mark Divo (LUX) moderated by Louis Armand (IRL) .

7.7.20:00-22:15 Why Zürich was the place to be in 1992-a talk with Maja Explosive and Teresa Pereira moderated by Mark Divo. 23:00 Film screening : “lost west” by Nik Emch (CH). “Schwarze Schafe” by Oliver Rys (CH) and Oliver Kolbe (D).

8.7. 20:00-22:15 Surviving Putins russia as lgtb activist and artist Kieranstoboy (RUS)and Seiko (RUS) talk about their escape from Moscow.moderated by Paulina Pikiewice (Radio Klang,Katovice ,PL)

7/9/20:00 Chaos Stage-Open Mic presented by Ajana Dracula /

10.7. from 12:00 p.m. “Dada and the Ghost Masters”, presented by Golda Eppstein/

12.7. 20:00-22.15 object Paradies, the interactive poetry intervention from Prague with Tyko Say (USA) and Sandra Paslawska (PL),presented by Dr. Louis Armand (IRL)

13.7.20:00-22.15 experiencing a system change-how it felt to be in Berlin in the early nineties. A discussion with eye witnesses Mark Divo (Lux), Michael Schmacke (D) and Uri Moss (ISR) moderated by Thomas Haemmerli (CH)

14.7. 20:00-22:15.Surviving authoritarian regimes-democracy activist and artist Loretta Lau (Hong-Kong) talks about the struggle for Hong-Kong and what it means to work in exile.moderated by Paulina Pikiewice (Radio Klang,Katovice , PL)

15.7.Friday.8:00 p.m.-11:15 p.m. Stories from Kübelkind” - Part 1 + 2 Short film series from the 70s by Ula Stöckl and Edgar Reitz, with an introduction by Kyros Kikos

16.7. Saturday. 20:00 “Xeno Vulcano Eruption” Little Tornados, Kurjkovic, Pink Shabab (GB) and Laetitia Sadier (F), presented by David Thayer

Special showcase in Beja,praca da republica 11,presented by ASSOCIAÇÃO ENTRE IMAGEM,Mertulla,Portugal.

7.7. 23:00 psychedelic disco with DJs foam (CZ) and Austin Powers (CZ)

8.7. 23:00 “the mark divo experience” featuring Toje Fuk U (CZ) /Edosh(CZ)

9.7. 23:00 “Beja vue”- discourse disco with Kierastoboy (Moscow), b2b (Moscow),Saiko,(Moscow)

10.7. 16:00-19:00 Kids workshop: art with found objects with Maja Explosive(CH) /

23:00 (CH) icononoclastic intervention with Thomas Haemmerli (CH)

11.7. 11.7. 16:00-20:00 Workshop “solar bodies” with lgnd (CH) hosted by SGMK (Swiss Society for Mechatronic Art) and Dock 18 (CH)

23:00 Dance rituals with Anu Cato (Zurich),

13.7. 16:00-18:00 stop motion workshop for kids and adults with Michael Schmacke.

23:00 The fake master (D),24:00-2.00 special showcase with Eigenklang (D)

14.7. 16:00-20:00 Workshop "Viva A T-Rexistência" with Chrysa Chouliara aka kaascat & Felix Bänteli aka MrFX

15.7. 22:00 Vicente Booth, Alice Turnbull, Miguel Oliveira

16.7. 23:00 DJ Canhão (Beja),João Melgueira (Beja),Telma (Lisboa)

Artist list:

Mark Divo (LUX),Svenja Plaas(CH), Louis Armand(IRL), Helena Inverno (PT),Pavel Emilianov (RUS),Zarina Ness(KAZ), Nico Prokop (CZ),GRRR(CH)Františka Malasková (CZ),Maja Explosive (CH),DJ Canhão (PT),João Melgueira (PT),Telma (PT),Little Tornados (USA/CH) Pink Shabab (GB),Ajana Dracula (CH),David Thayer (USA),E.K.R. (CH),DJ Malik (CH),Thomas Haemmerli (CH),Uri Moss (ISR),Nik Emch (CH),Austin Powers (CZ),Lorreta Lau (HNK), Tyko Say (USA),Paulina Pikiewice (PL),Michael Schmacke (D),SGMK (CH),Dock 18 (CH),Mario Purkathofer (CH),lgnd (CH),Golda Eppstein (CH),Kyros Kikos (GRC),Anna Schulthess (CH),Sandra Paslawska (PL),Kierastoboy (RUS)


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